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A few weeks ago I was looking online for matching holiday pajamas for my family. Each year The Reed crew votes on what we want to wear in our Christmas photos. This year we said pajamas, so I was on the hunt for them.

Thats when I came across Footsteps Clothing. When I went to the site I loved everything I saw and quickly sent them an email. On their website they carry a huge variety of family pajamas and even something for your pet! They have sets for mommy and daughter, daughter and dad, families of 4 or more, just a variety of fun styles and patterns. There is something there for everyone. If you know me, I loove my jammies and do my live webshow in them weekly lol. These jammies are soft, comfy and the pants and shirt sleeves are long just in case you’re tall.I had to cuff my sleeves because I have short arms. I’ve been living in them as I blog daily at the computer. If there is a knock at the door from the UPS guy, I don’t feel as though I have to run and get a robe. These pajamas make me feel like I’m wearing lounge wear.

I received my order within 2 days and when I opened the box, I noticed something Pinktastic! It was an extra set of pink jammies with a cute saying on the front,”Love Your Family”. I thought that was so sweet of them to add that extra pair!

Please take a look at their website. With the holidays coming up, this would be a great gift for your family or someone else’s. Check back to see my family in our Christmas photo wearing their holiday pajamas, you won’t want to miss it! xoxo

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