Fantasia Opens Fashion Boutique In Hometown!


Congrats are in order for my girl American Idol winner Fantasia! She has now ventured out into the world of fashion by opening up her very own boutique called, Rock Soul Boutique. The boutique is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and online where it’s filled with dresses, accessories, shoes and if I am not mistaken, some of her gently worn items. Check out more looks inside and congrats to her! xoxo


Some of you may say, “Well I don’t like the way I look in my clothes right now. “Here is a tip Ladies: be proactive and buy the outfit that calls out to you, and allow it to inspire you to work hard to fit in it! After working with each other for several years, T Shanell and I knew that it was time to create unique styles of clothing that we would enjoy wearing. Pieces that make us feel cute, classy, sophisticated and most importantly styles that truly fit us Just Right! Especially when you are curvaceous and proud of your individual physique & look.

Update: Not sure if she actually has a brick and mortar but she definitely has a online store.





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