Fantasia Stops By The Tamron Hall Show, Talks Fertility And More

On today’s Thursday, December 17 edition of “Tamron Hall,” Grammy-winning singer Fantasia Barrino and her husband Kendall Taylor join Tamron from their home in North Carolina to share their three-year journey to fertility, after announcing her pregnancy in November. The voice behind the “Tamron Hall” theme song candidly discussed her emotional road to this special moment, the couple’s difficult path to conception and shared her reaction to the pregnancy test results.


Fantasia on the gift of pregnancy right now and how she’s feeling:

“I can definitely feel everything. Third child in, so a little older now — so it hits a little different. But we are very, very especially in this time, we’re very grateful that God is bringing this type of joy to our life and we can kind of block out, or try at least to block out, a lot of the stuff that is going on and focus on this gift.” She added:” I’m feeling good. Mornings are a little tough for me but again, this is my third time riding this rodeo so I got it. I think the greatest gift that I have is a supportive husband that won’t let me touch anything, do anything, I wake up to breakfast so it makes it a whole lot better.”


Fantasia on her approach to fertility:

“At first we thought we were going to have to do different things like everybody was suggesting IVF because it wasn’t happening. This is a three year journey we’ve been on. And then we went back in and I found out that one of my tubes was closed, we went back and then she says ‘Well now that one’s open the other ones closed.’” Fantasia continued, “We decided let’s just pause. Let’s let God be God. And if this is something that he wants for us to truly have, because my mother brought up the idea…We were both like ‘Let’s just travel, we don’t need more kids, we have grandkids,’ and my mom was like ‘You guys will regret not having a love child.’ So we blame this on her. But we said ‘Let God be God and we’re gonna sit back and just see what happens,’ and truly Tam[ron], I kid you not, I forgot about it.


Fantasia on her initial reaction to her pregnancy tests results:

I was just like, ‘Forget it,’ and then I woke up one night and when I was just like, ‘Something’s different,’ took the test, I took six tests.” Fantasia continued, “I was like ‘Oh, just try it,’ and sure enough, I threw the test at him I was so excited.”


Fantasia’s husband, Kendall Taylor, on how his faith led him through the couple’s journey to fertility:

“We were sitting in those offices and, of course, everybody’s journey is different. You know in vitro [fertilization], all those things are available for relationships that need it. But as I strictly heard God telling me that he was going to make this happen and I remember sitting in that office and the doctor and my wife are going through all these scenarios and I’m sitting back and I just remember saying I was like, ‘I just don’t feel like that’s our way. I said I’m telling you, it’s gonna happen naturally,’ and I stood on that.”

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