In Case You Missed It: The Ladies Of Red Table Talk Jada, Adrienne And Willow Talk About Heartbreak

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Jada Pinkett Smith several times, she has such a lovely spirit. I got to meet her mom Adrienne here in Atlanta during their press rounds when they first launched Red Table Talk in 2018. Daughter Willow was not present but it was such a great experience and now their Facebook Live show is doing extremely well! This weeks episode was so profound and the ladies talked about their personal relationships and heartbreaks.

I can definitely understand that and have experienced heartbreak several times. I was recently divorced earlier this year after 20 years of marriage and it was devastating. Jada’s mom talked about her abusive relationship with Jada’s dad and how some women stay because you’re just simply in love. Jada and Willow also shared their experiences as well. Take a peek at the video clip inside where they talk to relationship expert Michaela Boehm who is the counselor for Jada and Will. It was quite interesting to say the least! Stay safe out there! 

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