Fashion Blogger Kier Mellour Still In The Running To Be The Next DVF Brand Ambassador

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Kier Mellour, Me and friend Laura Lilly

I have been watching the docu-series on E! called House of DVF with fashion designer Diane von Fursternberg! It’s really good but the candidates running for the Global Brand Ambassador position are really a trip lol! I was in NYC for fashion week a few years ago and ran into my fellow fashion blogger buddy Laura Lilly who lives in L.A. but was also visiting NYC for fashion week. She introduced me to her friend who was so nice and that so happened to be the same girl on the reality show House of DVF Kier Mellour! For those of you that watch, you can see she has been labeled “the bitch” on the show but I surely didn’t get that same attitude when I met her a few years ago. I will say this, reality shows are what they are but they still are slightly scripted and I’m sure that they all have “roles” to play out on the show to create drama. Kier has also changed so much with her appearance wow! I love Kier & Brittany and hope one of them wins! The show comes on Sundays on E! at 10pm and if you love fashion and reality shows, its one to watch! 

House of DVF is a docu-series, set in the world of the prestigious global fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg, explores the relationships between an ultra-successful boss who controls the fashion world and her eight eager-to-please associates in training. Culminating at NY Fashion Week, ultimately one winner will get the highly sought-after yet demanding opportunity to work directly with DVF as her Global Brand Ambassador. An integral part of all major DVF divisions, this chosen ambassador will travel the world representing Diane and her business… if she makes all the right moves.

House of DVF - Season 1

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