Feel Good Friday: My Forever Plus 1

I was recently talking to a friend and that’s when she told me that she was afraid to take her toddler out to nice restaurants. She usually takes her grandson to drive-thrus but fears that her grandchild would “act up” in public lol. I was shocked to learn that because I always take my grandson Legend to really nice restaurants and he always acts so nice! He looks around, talks to the waitress, orders off the menu(usually points to what he likes) eats with utensils and he plays with his dinosaurs.

When my own kids were small, I did the same thing. I think I got this habit from my mom because she used to dress me and my sister up and take us to really fancy restaurants as well. Legend I guess, is just used to the experience and loves it! Earlier this Summer, we went to a high tea at St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead together and he was fine there as well.

I suggest if you have small kids or grandkids, you try to do the same because if you don’t expose them to things like dining in restaurants, how will they learn? It’s really not that hard and so much fun and the child learns etiquette and how to act in public at an early age. My grandson and I recently went to Uncle Jack’s at Peachtree Corners for lunch and he had a very nice time. Legend will always be my forever plus 1! You can book now for your Holiday Parties! See more pictures inside and this makes for a great Feel Good Friday!

Tomato Basil Soup and Sandwich

Crab Cakes

Sloppy Joe

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