Fashion Roundup: Best Looks Of 2014

best looks 2014

In love with lace, floral and off the shoulder dresses!

I will admit that 2014 has been a great year for me! I have tried so many things on my blog and fashion blogging was added a few years ago. Its been a process for me and I am still learning like the professional fashion bloggers that I admire but I’m still working through what fashion really is and what styles I like. I love so many things but by me being curvy, its sometimes challenging to find great clothing to wear to certain events, red carpets etc but I do the best I can with the budget allowed. Looking back at 2014, I see that I really love bright color, prints and ofcourse dresses.

I’m still exploring how to wear separates which I hate to do because I usually do not have a lot of time to sit and figure out what top to wear with a skirt or a pair of slacks. I also am not a big fan of pants on me because I find them annoying and they just do not compliment me well. You may think otherwise but I think by now, I kinda know what works and doesn’t work for my body type. I also know that flowy dresses, thick material and sweaters make me look extremely large. Fabrics have to fit my frame or else I appear larger than normal and then the emails and comments start coming in lol.

I find fashion blogging to be very tedious and I don’t know how the huge fashion bloggers do it! From lighting to locations, photographers, its all new to me and annoying! I take a lot of images too before putting them up on my blog and social media, it can be very time consuming. Sometimes I am not really feeling the look but have to post something to show the outift for my sponsors to sell the items. Its not always fun!

I do find that I am most comfortable shooting with my photographer Leandra Brown from NYC, my son Pootie & Robin Lori for my fashion looks. I get anxiety if I shoot with other photographers when I am out because it can make or break my outfit look. This is why I say, I am still learning fashion photography for my blog, its just so much entailed! I wish I knew the secret from a few big time fashion bloggers I know, geesh!

In my photos from all year, I’m STILL the same size 12/14. I may appear larger or smaller from pictures but nope, I am still the same weight and can fit all of my clothing lol. I had someone email me recently asking what I was going to do with all my clothes, since I loss weight. I was so confused by the email. I still have most of all my outfits and wear them all the time. Occasionally, I do sell things for whatever reason.

I will say this too. I don’t have an enormously large budget to spend on designer shoes and handbags because I am raising two teenagers but I have been blessed to work with some amazing boutique owners, brands and more! I really and truly appreciate each and everyone of them for dressing me for my numerous events, NYFW, red carpets and more this past year. Without them, I would be naked lol but seriously I love them all. Shout out to all of them! xoxo

So now with that being said, I have gathered up some of my Best Looks From 2014, I hope you enjoy! xoxo

best looks 2014

I do love me a great poofy/twirl-worthy midi-skirt! Yes mam!

best looks 2014

During NYFW September 2014, wearing Modahnik

best looks 2014

I like to be comfy, maxis are my best friend!

best looks 2014

New York subway station headed to Brooklyn! Wearing Chic & Curvy Boutique, love them!

best looks 2014

Gotta love my body cons, compliments my figure and pencil skirts work for me too, I think!

fashion to figure

At Lenox Mall in Buckhead wearing Fashion To Figure skirt, this got lots of likes on social media!

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