Today Is Our 16th Wedding Anniversary!


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So today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary and I’m sitting here thinking “wow we have really been cranking out the years!” Today went a little something like this… I talked to him early this morning and we both totally forgot that it was our wedding anniversary! Every Friday morning we go over all the bills and what needs to be paid. He was also trying to get out the door for work and I was trying to remember what needed to be done. See this is what happens after about 10 years end lol. For us, my husband just thinks anniversaries are just another day and he doesn’t pay that much attention to them like me, until I bring it up lol. He just wants to make sure everything on his end is ok and we can move on to something else. So after we chatted, we hung up and I said, “wait a minute, we forget to say Happy Anniversary to each other” lol. So I called him back and said, “hey you, do you remember what today is?” 


I didn’t get offended because we both have pretty busy schedules and it just slipped his mind. I know my husband pretty well and I think he is just too busy in his brain. I also know he is the hardest working man in the world. I’m very grateful for him because he has always been a great provider and takes really good care of us. I didn’t hold it against him when I know a few people out there who’s husbands won’t even get up off the couch to go out and look for a job! Let the church say AMEN!

Terrell and I have been through a lot of things together. I remember when I first met him and as soon as he sat down next to me and started talking, I knew he was going to be my husband. I knew it just like that! I liked his old fashion ways, his drive, his personality(which is very laid back) and his smile. He is a true family man at heart and I knew he would be a great dad. I do hate that he works so much and especially out of town but hopefully with God’s guidance he will be back this summer for good and our family will be complete again. We miss him terribly and all his fussing when he’s here lol. He hates dishes in the sink and when we don’t eat the leftovers in the fridge lol. His two biggest pet peeves lol.

So in this 16 years of marriage, I have truly found my soul mate and my best friend. I say to my single girls out there looking for someone special to share their life with, wait on God to send you the right person. Don’t go looking for a mate, men know when they are ready for their “help mate”, its bible. For people out there that are married but may have issues, communication is the key. I can tell Terrell any and everything and never feel a certain way about saying it. I really value and respect his opinion too. He is my buddy and confidant and there is never any judgement on his end. He has seen and heard it all from me lol. Also, don’t tell everyone your personal business either, especially if you don’t want to be judged or ridiculed. It has not always been an easy road for us either, some things that will happen in your relationship is uncontrollable and not your fault, its just life but stay strong and work through it. Pray over everything. Thats the problem nowadays, people are so easy to walk away from each another.

I have even felt that way a few times but I have a burning desire in my heart to work things out and to fight for my marriage. We also both made a promise to God. So I hope my words encourage you and help you. When all else fails, walk away and cool down. I always think of this, it may work for you too…IMAGINE your kids being married to someone and how you would want them to be treated. I think about that with my own husband, because he is someone’s child. Make sense? I thought so! Till next time but Happy Anniversary Terrell, love you deeply! xoxo

talking with tami


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