Fashion Trend: Fiddler Hat

Last week, I didn’t really feel like doing my hair for a quick event, so I stopped in the mall and spotted a cute hat and had to have it. It’s called a, “Fiddler Hat” and you can find them in just about any store imaginable. I got inspired to want this hat after seeing my friend and fashion blogger Emily wear them so many times on her instagram and blog. She is very stylish and wears the cutest outfits! So while at the store, I tried it on, loved it and bought it.

Once I posted my look on social, I didn’t know I would get an overwhelming response from my followers asking me where I got the hat lol. So I thought to post a few ways you can rock this hat and where you can find them. I’m on my way to Nordstroms now to get the leather version of this in black. I have to have it and now I’m totally obsessed, thanks Emily lol. 

Emily in her Fiddler Hat you can get at H&M, also where I got mine!

Beyonce looking sexy in hers with rhinestones

Fashion Blogger Camila Coelho looking fabulous!

Fashion Blogger “Awed By Monica” rocking her hat, so cute!

Images via Instagram


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