Fashion Trend: Stacked Rings

stackable rings

The other day I blogged about jewelry and how I am really a minimalist when it comes to that. Well i’ve noticed a fashion trend that lots of celebrities are sporting now and thats stacked rings. I remember in the late 80’s everyone was wearing a handful of rings in different and unique ways. My mom loved to wear all of her rings in her jewelry box but my Grandma NuNu was the first person that I saw do this style trend when I was a young girl! She never took off her rings and wore bright neon orange nail polish lol. She had quite the diamonds too but I felt like it was on OVERLOAD and hated it but it seems to be back in style now! Check out some of my favorite fashion mavens wearing this fashion trends and a few other fashion bloggers and others. Enjoy your day! xoxo

stackable rings

Madonna stacked rings are amazing, Whew!

stackable rings

Beyonce with sparkly stacked rings

rihanna stacked rings

Rihanna stacked rings in gold, yes!

ciara stacked rings

Ciara wearing stacked rings a few years ago

stacked rings

Singer Rita Ora, loving her white stacked rings, werk!

stacked rings

Fashion Blogger Gypsy Lovin Light stacked rings

Erykah Badu stacked rings

Erykah Badu loves pointy stacked rings

stacked rings

This is so pretty to me and who doesn’t love diamonds you can stack!


stacked rings

Very elegant and pretty!

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