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My friend and fellow blogger, Jecoby Carter was a beauty brand ambassador inside the Henri Bendel store at Lenox Mall last weekend. He introduced me to, two lovely ladies who owns Fat Ass Lashes. I had never heard of the brand but they started in New Jersey. You know I love all things beauty, so I was intrigued to find out more lol. Jecoby wears their lashes and he showed me all the ones he loves. His favorite is “Million Dollar Baby” and that name fits him perfectly lol. Ever since I can remember, I have always seen women in my family wear eyelashes. My grandma would go get her lashes professionally done at Andre Duval in Cleveland, Ohio and they would look so natural and pretty.

My mom wears them too but she prefers strips. As I got older, I joined the eyelash club and wear them daily. I prefer wearing strips too while my daughter loves individual lashes that she gets done weekly. Entrepreneurs Shanda Harper and Jacqueline Purcell started their Fat Ass Lashes last year and it’s been flourishing ever since! I was glad to meet them in person and check out all they have. They showed me their array of lashes from Vegan, Mink, Silk and so much more. I quickly gravitated towards the 100% Real 3D Mink Lashes called, “Bragging Rights” and the 100% Mongolian Silk lashes “Boss B*tch”. 

They have lash testers that you can put up to your eye to see which lash fit your eye shape best. The two particular styles I picked out, looked best on me. Please check out their website and see all they have. Strips are not hard to wear, they are very easy to apply if you just take the time and have patience. Many of my girlfriends tell me that lashes are hard to apply but you have to have a steady hand and breathe. After a few tries you should be fine lol.

I first tried out the Boss Bitch silk lashes. I found the eyelashes to be very lightweight, thick in texture, full and pretty with the design and length. I will be purchasing more of these eyelashes I find them very sexy and alluring. I got lots of compliments on them. Till next time! xoxo

Boss Bitch 100% Mongolian Silk lashes $27.99

Bragging Rights 100% Real 3D Mink $27.99

Owners Jacqueline and Shanda

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  1. It was truly a pleasure meeting you Luv! We’re excited to welcome you the FAL CLIQUE and sincerely thank you for sharing our story. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!



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