Feel Good Friday: A Lovely Keepsakes From Mom

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the mailbox yesterday morning. Inside the mailbox was a package from my mom. I was wondering what could it be and she didn’t alert me that she was mailing off anything. To my surprise when I opened the package, there was a black velvet sack with jewelry inside. I gasped for air and immediately started to cry! I knew what it was and I remember my mom always talking about how she had these very expensive diamonds that she had bought many years ago, she was passing them down to me!

A lil back story….You guys have no idea how many catfights me and my mom have had over the years! Never nothing all that serious but just bickering throughout the years because we are SO much alike and we would clash! It would later cause us to have a strain on our relationship. But over the years, we have mended our relationship tremendously and I’m so proud that we have grown closer.  I opened the sack and inside was a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet and matching diamond hoop earrings! I was jumping up and down with joy because you would have to see how huge n sparkly the diamonds are. When I was younger, I always wanted to see these mysterious pieces that my mom owned! It came with the paperwork and I took off to my bank to open a safe deposit box. My mom had done this too for years, keeping her most precious jewels there!

I quickly called her too to thank her for the most precious gift she could have ever given me. She told me to go get them appraised again because the paperwork was very old lol. She said to keep them in a safe and secure place. Mom said to always keep them in the family and that I could pass them down to my daughter as well. I cried and cried as she said, mom is getting older now and I don’t go like I used to, I wanted you to enjoy this keepsake and I hope you LOVE them! I teared up because I know how much they mean to her plus they cost her a pretty penny lol! I will treasure the jewelry FOREVER and keep them close to my heart! Thanks mom and I will keep them safe, I love you! This makes for such a GREAT Feel Good Friday! Enjoy the pics inside…

Location: Norcross, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City, Mz Red Carpet

Jumpsuit: Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Boss Collection

Photographer: Derek White

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