Feel Good Friday: Everyday Simple Indulgences

I am all for self-love! Daily I wake up and try to get my day started with a morning prayer, I journal and I try to think positive thoughts in this crazy world that we live in! Simple delights and manifestations are what I truly believe in now! I know it can be tough with never-ending task of balancing your personal and professional lives and sometimes it can be hard to handle.

So I’ve put together a list of some cute and simple indulgences that you can do and most don’t require you spending any money at all! I hope you enjoy and this makes for such a great Feel Good Friday!


  • Wear your most fabulous pair os shoes out today, it don’t matter if they are out of season!
  • Go to a makeup counter and buy your favorite lipstick
  • Go see puppies at your local pet store
  • Sift through your old photo albums for a good laugh
  • Bake your favorite cookies and share
  • Visit a nail salon and get a color that is bold or out of the norm for you
  • Read your favorite book or magazine in a warm bubble bath
  • Go to an upscale store and try on a couture fancy dress or gown
  • Go on a tour of your city and snap memorable shots
  • Go through your old love letters and laugh
  • Go to Tiffanys and try on the most expensive jewelry they have
  • Get dolled up and treat yourself to lunch at a fancy restaurant
  • Go to your local florist and buy yourself those pretty blooms
  • Make a vision board of what your ideal home would look like or add to Pinterest board
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