I’m In LOVE With The 2016 Kia Sorento!

kia sorento 2016

I usually do not gush over cars because quite frankly, I just drive them and as long as the blinkers, windshield wipers, heat and the radio works, I’m good! I don’t get all excited about cars, they are just a way for me to get around. My husband is the car fanatic in the family, not me lol. Over the years though, by being with my husband who is a complete gear- head, I have learned to appreciate them a bit more. That brings me to this 2016 Kia Sorento that I got a chance to test-drive for a week… I am in LOVE! 

kia sorento 2016

When this SUV pulled up in my parking lot, I was already skinning and grinning because I found out I was the first person to drive this car in the State of Georgia! One other person reviewed it in another city but the car only had 23 miles on it! I opened the door and peaked inside and quickly started saying out loud, “oh my this is really gorgeous!” I haven’t had a vehicle with white leather seats, so this was a first for me! It was simply amazing to drive, we already know it handled well on the road, equipped with power folding mirrors, panoramic sunroof, surround view monitor, voice command navigation, blind spot detection, smart power lift gate, solar control glass, and so much more!

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What I really thought was cool about this car and that I used all the time was the smart key feature. As long as you had your key in your purse on in your pocket or nearby, the doors unlocked without you having to look or dig for your keys, I loved this! The car beeps 3 times then you just push the sensor button on the door handle and that was it (you push the sensor button twice to unlock the passenger side). Also, if I had bags or items in my hand and I wanted to place in the rear trunk, the trunk door opens automatically if you just stand in back of the vehicle for 9 seconds, how cool is that! Its called the Smart Power Liftgate, loved this new feature!

I really enjoyed riding around in this fancy vehicle, I felt extremely safe, in style and pretty high tech like I was in a James Bond movie with all the gadgets lol. This vehicle starts at $24,900 but find out more info about it by clicking here. Thanks Kia, loved the ride! xoxo

kia sorento 2016kia sorentokia sorento 2016IMG_7481


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