Feel Good Friday: Favor Ain’t Fair, Learning To Love Yourself First

Happy Friday everyone! There can be many times when you are barely holding on yourself. But you continue to love, serve others, give and that can be hard when sometimes it’s not reciprocated. It blows my mind when people are jealous of you, or purposely withhold their love for you or simply dislike you because God has favor over your life. How does God continue to make a way outta no way for you when you should have given up by now.

You can not appease other people to make them feel good about themselves. You are not meant to hold your head low. You are a child of the high-most God, and he has placed favor in your life. Do not apologize for the favor that God has placed over your life! Adjust your crown and walk in “humility” and act like a child of God! I hope that these words have inspired you today on this good Friday! It has been a tough road but God has made me feel as though I can still accomplish everything that I desire and I won’t give up. Have faith and keep your head held high! Learn To Love yourself first. More inside….

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City, Me

Bodysuit: Target seamless bodysuit

Skirt:  Mudpie Anya Tie-Dye Midi Skirt

Handbag: Dolce & Gabbana Dauphine calfskin mini bag with rhinestone-details DG logo

Sneakers: Keds (Old)

Photographer: Tyra

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