Feel Good Friday: Gratitude Gift Box

I have a dear friend that you guys have seen here on the blog named, Shekila. She is my accountability life coach and we are good friends. She is also an author and makes these adorable gratitude boxes and I think they are fantastic! They come with a journal, inspirational quoted mug, bath salts and pen.

Oh and I can’t forget a very special bracelet thats usually worded with a saying, mine says BELIEVE! I do believe and I stay prayed up and especially in this trying time! I’m praying for solace daily and for everyone to just be ok, this too shall pass! Check out her website where there you can see all that she makes or pick up her latest book, 21 Days of Radical Gratitude A Journey to Complete Peace. This makes for a great Feel Good Friday right? Be Blessed, more inside…

The daily practice of Gratitude helps you adapt to life’s inevitable changes. In today’s times, it’s easy to get overwhelmed & distracted. Are you looking for ways to lower tension, stress, or anxiety levels?

Did you know research has shown the daily practice of Gratitude helps to promote positive mental and emotional well-being. It elevates positivity and interconnectedness to help you identify what really matters. If you’re looking to gift someone with a unique gift ~ THIS IS IT!

In Love & Gratitude,

The Gratitude Gift Box is the perfect gift to master the balancing act of life with compassion, clarity, and confidence. In today’s time its an ideal gift for mom, daughters, sisters, friends, teachers, nurses, or anyone you care for!

Boxes are $27.99 and shipping is $7.95

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