First Look: Cutting It: In The ATL (Extended Trailer)

cuttin it in the atl

So I just got an email for the new reality show Cutting It In The ATL coming to WE Tv. I don’t get this cable channel but the reality series looks kinda good and maybe I say that because Ive worked in beauty salons before getting my own nail salon, so I know how women in the beauty industry act. I could relate a bit but this reality show is VERY typical with producers showing African American women bickering, fighting and in competition with one another instead of trying to work together smh! Same ol, same ol! I’m bored to pieces! Another thing, I have been here for 9 years and I have NEVER heard of any of them or their salons lol. I wish they come up with something else with these shows because its getting really old! This show premieres May 21st, if you care to see the trailer hop on inside! They heldĀ a press junket today and I was invited out to attend but I happily declined lol! xoxo

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