Feel Good Friday: It’s The Little Things

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have an amazing weekend! Just wanted to pop on here to tell you that life is full of surprises, ups and downs and rollercoasters. If you can, try and spend time with your family and especially your little ones, please do that! You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money either, kids don’t even understand all of that. It’s more about spending quality time that they love. I try to do that with my grandson Legend and he gets a kick out of it! We go on nature walks, to the park, out to lunch and sometimes we do nothing but watch movies, cuddle and laugh. He is talking more now, so he is pretty good and expressing himself.

The other day when it was a bit warm out, we ventured up to Mall of Georgia and he had a blast! I packed a lunch, we rolled around in the grass, we played kick ball and just enjoyed a beautiful day out in the sun! I really love being a glam ma and when Legend is dropped off to me, I love to see his smile when he knows he’s going to have a day of fun with me. He gets so excited! Enjoy your weekend and love on your family! Be blessed and stay safe. More pics inside…


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