My Experience Using RedThreads For My Custom Little Black Dress

Hey guys I wanted to tell yah about a company called, RedThread! They reached out to me to see if I would like to get something custom made and I was too excited. I had a few fashion options which was either getting a pair of pants made, a jacket or a dress. Ofcourse I picked a little black dress because I knew I could get a lot of wear out of it and it’s a personal choice.

It was quite simple too and I got the dress in less than two weeks. I filled out a “fit quiz” that included my size, height and weight then from my mobile device you clicked a link then it scanned my body and downloaded my body shape. Boy, modern technology I tell yah! After it downloaded and took a snapshot of my body measurements for accuracy, I received a confirmation email and the dress was at my doorstep in less than a week later! Inside you can use my discount code for your use on your order…

Now the kicker was if the dress was going to fit! I opened the package and loved the quality of fabric that was used and it was also lined! I tried it on and it fit great! I will say that the hip area was a lil roomy but I don’t mind taking it to my local tailor for a little tweaking but for this to be down simply by my iPhone, I will say that I was totally impressed! My dress is extremely comfortable, the sleeves and neckline are very nice and I can wear it in many ways. That’s why I chose a simple black cocktail dress too. You can pair it with sneakers, ballet flats or dress it up with heels or tall boots. Thanks RedThreads I love your concept and do plan on using your services again!

*Use my discount code tami20 to get $20 off on our next purchase!

RedThread is on a mission to smash the industry-standard sizes and remove labels. Their clothes are made to fit YOU specifically. They have items from t-shirts and snap jackets to wide leg pants and even the essential little black dress. Consumers simply take 2 photos of themselves (that the team never even sees for privacy protection) which are turned into YOUR exact measurements. The clothing is then handmade and sent to you within the week, with a LIFETIME coverage guarantee – because they know your body doesn’t stay the same throughout your entire life.


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