Feel Good Friday: My Custom Bra Fitting At ‘LiviRae Lingerie’

Hey guys, I couldn’t wait to share this post with you today and especially since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! I recently attended a party last week, when I ran across one of my favorite tv personalities Molly Hopkins! You guys may remember her sweet self when she and her partner Cynthia Decker had a reality show called, Double Divas that was on TLC.

They are the owners of a really popular lingerie store in Kennesaw, Ga called, LiviRae Lingerie. I met the girls back in 2007, when I had my tv show. I did a whole story on them and had a blast. They are the funniest and friendliest chicas ever! We have been friends ever since and I was so happy to see my friend Molly! Their tv series was extremely popular and since then, Molly has gone on to appear on 90 Day Fiancé  another popular reality show on TLC.

I reached out to the ladies a few weeks back to set up another bra fitting. Since I have always had “the girls” and was in need of some new bras, I thought to give them a call. You guys may know that I have had major weight loss because of the stress of my divorce. Finally I am getting my happy back, so the girls have gotten even bigger and I can’t fit any of my current bras…yikes! I stopped by the store yesterday and they now have a new location and it’s super huge now…omg! LiviRae is bigger and better now with lots of sexy lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, and I mean a TON of bras everywhere! All different styles, designs, colors and I can go on! I think I counted over 5,000 bras in stock inside the store lol!

I got fitted from Sales Manager/Monique and she put me in some really great looking bras! I found out that my boobies are a size 32 F! I didn’t think that number existed but yep! Cynthia is also on hand if you need something custom fit and no boobies are too big for them to tackle! I was very pleased with the customer service and I’m planning on bringing a few friends in to get fitted as well. They also will take care of you if you’ve had breast cancer or any type of reconstruction surgery. They will take care of all your needs properly and give you a good fitting. Take a peek at a few snaps from my visit and please tell em’ I sent you if you plan on stopping in, they are the best in the boobie business!

Co-owner Molly Hopkins (90 Day Fiancé, Double Divas)

Co-Owner Cynthia Decker


Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins first opened LiviRae in 2006. The idea, inspiration, and original concepts for a custom fit lingerie and bra boutique arose, as they often do, with a need to help women feel confident and sexy, not just in Georgia, but around the world.

The name “LiviRae Lingerie” comes from Cynthia’s and Molly’s daughters’ names: Olivia (Livi) and Rainey (Rae) and thus the brand was born for LiviRae Lingerie.

As the Double Divas stars, Molly and Cynthia are self-proclaimed “country girls” with a true God-given talent for fitting, design, and helping women “one breast at a time!”

While Molly handles most of the business side, Cynthia is a talented seamstress that loves to let her creativity run wild with her custom-made lingerie.


LiviRae Lingerie

543 Roberts Ct Suite 200

Kennesaw, Ga 30144



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