Ten Things I’m Doing During Social Distancing

Hey lovelies, I hope that you are staying indoors but still being productive! I have cooked, cleaned, did photoshoots, read books online and I can go on and on lol! I thought to put a list together of things that I’ve been doing to stay sane through this CoronaVirus pandemic. I admit that I did run to the grocery store right around the corner from my house yesterday. I was running low on milk, eggs, toilet tissue etc but as soon as I was done shopping, I got back in my car and wiped down my hands with sanitizer and I stayed a few feet from people. I made a really good roast too and been cleaning out my closets for Spring! Check out ten things that I’ve been doing inside and stay safe & healthy out there guys!

  • I wake up each and everyday and make my bed! I LOVE fresh linen too. This allows me clarity because with me, if my bed is not made up, I can’t think straight! Love these sheets by Sleepletics
  • I try to change out of my jammies daily! I put on fresh new clothing, sometimes a sexy dress. This allows me to feel good and puts a smile on my face. I love these jammies here
  • I have been binge watching on Netflix! Next up is “Self Made” airing on Netflix now!
  • I’ve throughly cleaned and sanitized my kitchen and bathrooms, smells so good and looks fabulous! I like this surface cleaner by Barr-Co you can get it here.
  • It’s officially Spring! I’ve been cleaning out my closets and packing up old clothes and shoes getting them ready for my local donation center.
  • I’ve been making a lot of home cooked meals. Today I made a slow-cooked beef. I’m going to add homemade garlic potatoes and roasted veggies, yum! Great recipe here
  • I’ve been reading tons of books, latest one is 1000 Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently by Marc & Angel Chernoff
  • If you’re totally bored, look at makeup tutorials on YouTube, this is a good one!
  • Totally obsessed with this MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Casserole, great to make yummy recipes with.
  • For those that like to bake, yummy cookie recipe here. Your kiddies with thank you!


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