Feel Good Friday: “Three Gratefuls” & “Three Did Wells”

I have something exciting I wanted to share with you and I am too tickled to tell yah about it! You might not think that its a big deal but for me it worked and it made me so happy. I was online just scrolling when I came across something that sparked my interest. It said to write down three things that you were grateful for and three things that you did well for the day.

Three things that I am grateful for are my family, my health and a roof over my head. Three things I did well were checking up on my friends & family, updating my blog, eating a healthy meal. I did all of that and I also included writing down a wish I wanted and put the note under my pillow and went to sleep. It’s almost like when you put your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy lol.

The very next morning, I got two surprise phone calls that made me extremely happy! It worked for me and I tried it again the next day and the next day. Yep, it works guys and its just something to do that will boost your morality and make you feel so good! Happy Friday and take care!

Before you go to bed, write down three “Gratefuls” for the day and three “Did Wells” (they can even include something as simple as doing the laundry, checking on friends etc) the results can be AMAZING!


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