First Time Visiting Pensacola Beach Florida, How Relaxing!

Hey guys, I’m praying that you have a great week and that you had an amazing weekend! It’s Monday and while I’m blogging this, I am packing up and heading home and I’m going to miss this wonderful place called, Pensacola Beach, Florida! Boy oh Boy did I have a great time and EVERYONE was so nice and accommodating! I took my road trip and blogger buddy with me Jennifer who has been my travel companion for quite sometime now and I’m sure you have seen her on my blog a few times!

Visit Pensacola invited me down to check out the sandy beaches, restaurants and more and I can’t believe I live so close and never been here before! It was so much to do and we had many adventures along the way. It was a five hour road trip from Atlanta and we stayed at The Hilton right on beach and our view was beautiful! We woke up each day to hearing the ocean waves and feeling the warm breeze, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

I have plenty of photos to share with you but if you ever want to plan a family trip or sneak off with your girls for a quick little road trip, this would be the ideal place! It wasn’t that expensive either for meals, excursions or whatever you want to do! I would love to head back here for a romantic getaway, the water just do something to yah lol! Check out a few snaps from my stay inside but I will be sharing so much more, so please check back daily, love you guys till next time!

Bestie Jennifer

I’m so at peace and I LOVE the water!

Images shot by Jen

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