Tips On Ways To Travel, If You Are A First Timer!


I remember when I was little, I would watch television and see people go on family vacations. When I was a young girl, I never went on a family vacations. My mom was always working, so it saddened me but I had always dreamed of going to Disneyworld and beyond. I vowed when I had my own family, that we would go everywhere! We did all eventually go to Disneyworld and I am so glad. I talk to a lot of my friends that have NEVER left their neighborhood! I could not imagine never leaving my city. Some give excuses that they don’t like to fly or drive too far, the reasons are endless. Just to walk around and see the same faces, buildings, houses day in and day out would drive me insane. 

Travel allows you to learn so much. It can be stressful but peaceful at the same time. You can learn from other cultures, meeting new people, seeing how others live, learning new things, trying new foods and beyond. I try to get out of Atlanta as much as I can, I really do. I know that its a bit easier for me to travel because I’m a blogger but I have a few unique ways you can start traveling if you have never been out of your city.

If you hear of a family member or really close friend going somewhere new, just ask if you can join them. I know traveling with someone can be challenging and I have been there trust me but if you think that person would be fun to hang with, go! Save up and cover the expenses of your half, be polite, on time, respectful and have fun. I will tell you in advance, there is nothing like going out of town and you do not have the means to go. Do not depend on others to take care of you while traveling. If you have to save up, do that before asking. Its annoying and noone will want to take you with them again.

Start off by going somewhere local. Even if its just to another town. Once you get the hang of that, visit a nearby state, then another state. Keep going and you will become a pro at it. With google, you can book online for hotels, restaurants and more right from the web! Just have a major credit or debit card readily available. Most hotels require a credit card to check in and valid i.d. if you do not have a credit card, cash sometimes work or they may accept a debit card but they will hold more money on it. Call ahead of time and ask lots of questions.

Surf the internet for specials, discounts, cheap airline tickets etc. My husband was able to fly here this weekend round trip for $160. They have specials all the time with airlines, hotels, rental cars you just have to do the research.

Traveling out of the country takes a lot of time and preparation. You have to head to the post office to apply for a passport. I know so many people that do not have one. They are under $180 but so needed. It takes a few weeks to get back but once you have it, it makes you want to travel abroad! The lines are a bit longer in customs though. Also, make sure you have your proper paperwork, identification, adaptors for computers, cell phone chargers etc, things are quite different in other countries. There may also be language barriers, rules, requirements, regulations, so read up/google/youtube video on what goes on in other foreign lands.

If you want to plan a family vacation, save, save, save! Have a family meeting and tell everyone if they want to go somewhere fun, start a family vacation fund and keep adding to it weekly or monthly. Before you know it, you will have enough money to head wherever your heart desires.

Family reunions are a good way to get out of town if they are somewhere else. When you head to that city, pick up a map, get to know your surroundings and venture off on your own for a few hours.

I hope these tips helped you but when you travel, your mindset changes. Travel is good for the soul. Till next time!

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