Five Fun Things To Do At Pensacola Beach, Florida

I had never been to Pensacola Beach, Florida before and I was thinking when I was asked to visit by Visit Pensacola, hmm what is it to do there besides hang out by the beach? Once my friend Jen and I arrived, I found out quickly that it was plenty to see and do! What even made it even more interesting is the fact that my friend Jen was born there!

She is such a history buff too so she showed me around and we got to explore so many places while in town! Check out five things that you can also do if you ever plan to visit, it was so much fun! Have a blessed day everyone and stay safe out there!

Fort Pickens: If you are a history buff then you will like Ft Pickens National Seashore. Here you can see all the ruins and artifacts left behind from World War II. I got to see a historic canon and where soldiers stayed in the barracks.

Poolside At The Hilton: Lay out by the pool! Our hotel at The Hilton was very nice, clean and the staff was very accommodating to say the least! We had fresh flowers throughout our suite, the beds were comfy and the pool area was fun with music and drinks at the bar. We also were in walking distance from the ocean! We loved our view from our window and waking up and hearing those waves was so relaxing!

Buffet At The Hilton: The food was plentiful! You have to try the lunch buffet at The Hilton hotel, the seafood spread was Amazing!

Sunrise & Sunset: Watching the sunrise and sunset, it was simply beautiful! It is very instagrammable for sure!

Wet Pig BBQ: If you are in the mood for bbq, you have to try Wet Pig BBQ, so good! You can sit out by the water and watch the sun go down, so romantic.

We got pulled pimento cheese dip & crackers and pulled pork sandwiches with sides.

Bonus Gulf Islands National Seashore Trail: If you’re into fitness, you will like all the bike and hiking trails, we visited Gulf Islands National Seashore and walked the William Bartram Trail┬áthe scenery is so pretty!

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