Five Fun Things To Do In Savannah, Ga

I’m just getting back from a surprise birthday getaway from my fiancé Stan, that’s why I’ve been missing in action. You guys know, I hardly take a break from this blog. I turned 55 on May 24th and I’m just happy to see another year and spend time with my loved ones!

I was asked to pack an overnight bag and not ask too many questions for a quick road trip! Things like this bring a smile to my face and I was up for an adventure! We headed south and that’s when I fell fast asleep and woke up to seeing signs that read Savannah, Ga! I haven’t been to this historical city in awhile, I think over 10 years, so I was very intrigued to see what was new and happening!

Stan loves to joke and pulled a fast one on me! If you know me, I am a hotel snob and will NOT stay anywhere, I just can’t. He informed me that we would be staying at a new and improved Motel 6 lol. He assured me that he had did his research on the motel and that it was pretty nice! I gave him the look of death but he tried his best to keep a straight face throughout my agony! I think when we met, I hadn’t told him how much I hated cheap hotels and motels, no thanks! I just can not sleep anywhere lol.

We when got off the exit, (which by the way was MLK) then you already know from us city folks, most places that are on Martin Luther King drive is NOT in the best areas lol! I really started hyperventilating and he kept assuring me that it would be perfectly ok lol.

Then we suddenly turned right and the street got really pretty! We pulled onto rows and rows of lovely historical homes. I mean they were simply gorgeous and I was relieved! Then it dawned on me that we were going to be staying at a bed and breakfast! I started to scream of joy and bouncing up and down in the car because I always wanted to stay in a victorian styled bed and breakfast place! Stan is really great at surprising me and this was such a great birthday thus far!

We got out the Lexus RX 350 and I quickly pulled out my phone and started taking photos and getting videos! We were staying at newly restored McMilan Inn which was built in 1888! It features thirteen spacious rooms and a Carriage House. It has modern amenities, private baths and elegant luxuries. It was the perfect romantic getaway! You also get a full Southern Breakfast in the morning! We stayed in the Forsyth Room.

We freshened up and walked to dinner at The Pirate’s House and it was good! Then we shopped by the river front and headed back to our room. Next morning we woke up had a Southern style breakfast and took a morning walk to the historical Forsyth Park and saw the famous Forsyth Fountain. It was such a great time and I highly recommend visiting Savannah if you haven’t been on plan to visit!

See five things you can do in Savannah inside….

The 2023 newly redesigned Lexus RX 350

  • Trolley Tours of Savannah if you want to explore Savannah’s historic district, book this hop on hop off trolley tour.
  •  Historic Savannah Guided Walking Tour, you can learn different tales of rich history that make the city on of the top destinations.
  • Savannah Southern Flavors Food, Pub Crawl and History Tour, Learn about different culinary experiences, we dined at The Pirate’s House, good stuff!
  • We stayed at The McMillian Inn Bed & Breakfast, I highly recommend this place, very unique, clean and the staff was superb! The food and desserts were fantastic!
  • Stop by the historic Forsyth Park! The was minutes away from our place and they had street vendors and other things going on in the park. This city park occupies 30 acres in the historic district of Savannah, Ga.

The Pirate’s House Restaurant

Southern Style Breakfast at McMillan Inn

Forsyth Fountain

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  1. You’ve inspired me to do this. Plus I’ve never been to Savannah. Great photos and also Congratulations on your engagement!

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