TLC’s Chilli Dishes On Her Romance With Matthew Lawrence On “Tamron Hall”

On yesterday’s “Tamron Hall,” Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from the Grammy-winning 90s girl group “TLC” joined the Tam Fam and opened up about her romance with actor and singer Matthew Lawrence. The singer also discussed the highly anticipated upcoming documentary “TLC Forever” and the impact of losing fellow TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes” in 2002 following a car crash in Honduras. Race car driver Katherine Legge also joined the show and spoke about her decision to compete in this year’s Indy 500 and got a surprise message from Janet Guthrie, the first woman to ever qualify and compete in the Indy 500 in 1977.

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas on relationship with Matthew Lawrence:

“I can’t even help it, he always puts the grilled cheese on my face. I think it has so much to do with the fact that, and again,. On my show, I always hoped that women would see the importance of having high standards and I got a lot of flack from that but I don’t care, you know, and for me, I just waited it out like ‘Lord, if it happens, wonderful. If it doesn’t, I’m still ok.’ I’ve never been the one that’s like hard up, ‘Oh I gotta be in a relationship’ or ‘I gotta be married’ all this, I wanted it to be right. And so Matthew, honestly, he is the list. I can’t even say, this or that, he is my entire list. And so I thank God everyday for him.”

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas on the 2002 passing of TLC group member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes”:

“You know, we’ve had to deal with it for so long because losing her is our loss, you know, and time does heal but you know, you obviously never forget, you never stop loving because she’s not here anymore. I still love her. And again, when you talk about the memories and all that kind of stuff, Tionne and I, we know because it was only the three of us going through these things in the room talking, no one else was around and so we can tell that side, which is her side too, again, better than anybody could do it and T and I are going to keep telling it until the wheels fall off.”


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