Five Hair Care Tips For Healthier Hair

I remember when I was sitting in my best friend Heather’s styling chair back home, giving her the news that I was moving to Atlanta. It was spring time in 2005. Heather was the first person to ever really do my hair. We were first roommates at Kent State University in the late 80’s. She would do everyones hair in our dorm room and I would do nails, it was so much fun. After college, both of us went to beauty school, she got her license as a Master Managing Cosmetologist and I later went to school and got my license as a Managing Nail Technician. We both eventually got our own salons.

Anyway, I remember that day like it was yesterday, Heather told me, “you know your hair is going to take off because down South, its very sunny”. She was so right. Once I moved to Atlanta with my family, it was VERY hard to find an African American hair salon in my area. Then one day I saw a lady in the mall and she gave me a card and said she went to the Dominicans. I had never heard of such a thing lol. I made an appointment, sat down, watched and learned so much from them. All they did was wash, blow dry and style your hair or you got a roller set. I opted out for a roller set and felt like it would be less damaging to my hair. I went for awhile and my hair starting to grow and grow.

I have always had a nice full thick body of hair. I guess I got it from genetics, but I can’t really tell you the texture, you would have to touch and feel it. It appears thick and full but it’s really super soft and thin. My hair texture is not very kinky at all, it has some curl pattern to it but not much. I hear from older family members that we have a trace of Cherokee Indian in our bloodline. Now, I think with age, the thinness started with my hormones changing etc. So now it’s not as thick and full as I would like it to be.

But from you reading my blog, you see that I LOVE wearing extensions or weaves. I like to wear them for added fullness and as a protective style. Once my daughter Tyra finished beauty school and got her Cosmetology license, I started letting her do my hair. I have always been very picky on who touches my hair because all stylists are different and some just don’t take care of your hair. So currently my natural hair is pass my bra line and people are shocked that my “real hair” is this long and healthy. I wanted to share with you five tips on how you too can grow your natural hair and achieve the same look as mine….

Five Hair Tips For Healthier Hair

  • STOP going to a bunch of different hairstylists, just to save money! I see a lot of “chair hoppers” do this. They go to whoever is cheaper, who’s running a special etc. This is such a no no! You have to go to someone who you trust and stick with them. You want someone who will take good care of your hair and tell you the truth about what you need done to maintain it. This is one reason your hair breaks off, it’s not growing and more. Each stylist you visit may use different hair care products, their styling utensils are different and I can go on. Some stylist just want your money too and do not care about taking good care of your hair.
  • Keep your ends nicely trimmed and deep condition your hair on a regular basis! I sit and watch ladies whine about getting their hair cut! If your hairstylist is telling you that you need your ends trimmed, then do it because you holding on to broke off, damaged hair, is not doing you any good lol. Deep conditioning your hair atleast twice a month with an awesome hair care product will keep your hair shiny, bouncy and healthy.
  • If you wear weaves like me, make sure after about a month and a half, you take it out and let your scalp and hair breathe! Do not install a new weave for about a week. I understand some people do not have the funds to keep getting their hair reinstalled every month or so but you definitely want to maintain your weave and keep it fresh. I have been wearing weave/extensions for a very long time but I know how to take care of it while still maintaining my own natural hair. I see girls just cut/pull their weave out after getting frustrated with it. They also leave it in too long, their scalp is dry and damaged resulting in them having to cut their real hair. Go to someone who really knows how to take care of weaves etc. Do your research ladies!
  • Use the best beauty products that are on the market! Invest in yourself is what I believe. You can also take your own beauty products to your hairstylist and tell her this is what you want her to use on your hair. My daughter only uses Kenra which is a professional hair care line that she loves. I like how it leaves my hair too.
  • Once you leave the salon, you have to take care of your hair at home. At night, wear a silk bonnet, use a silk pillow case or scarf to tie your hair up. You need something to put on your hair to keep it from shedding and breaking etc. I like to wear a bonnet at night and in the morning I just shake my hair and fluff it out but I try not to add any additional heat to my tresses at all. Heat is very damaging and drying to the hair.

I hope these tips help you and if you are in the Atlanta area, you should try my daughter @TyraInTheCity she is located at:

Salon Suites

1950 Satellite Blvd

Duluth, Ga 30097


Video clip of my real natural hair…

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  1. These Five Hair Care Tips For Healthier Hair are really impressive. I really liked the second point about “keeping your ends nicely trimmed and deep condition your hair on a regular basis” as I feel this is something that all women should follow if they are looking for healthier hair. Overall there is good knowledge shown in this article which can provide support for all women who are looking for tips.

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