Five Things I Learned About Anisa Telwar Kaicker Owner Of Anisa International

I got to do something so cool last week guys! I visited the office of Anisa International, the makeup brush manufacturer based here in Atlanta. Owner, Anisa Telwar Kaicker started her business from nothing and has built a $50M business designing and manufacturing brushes for every major beauty brand from La Mer to Sephora’s private label. You guys know I love beauty products so visiting the office and getting to chat with Anisa was so exciting!

She also has now created her very first consumer product line, a collaboration with the Frida Kahlo brand! I had the pleasure of doing a review of the product here and I really loved it. I wanted to get to know Anisa and little bit better, so I made an appointment to stop by her plush office to visit her and conduct an interview about her beauty empire, it was such a great experience, check it out inside….

I really liked her open and airy work space for all the employees, the energy was electrifying! She also has huge crystals placed throughout the office, I loved that!

Five Things I Learned About Anisa:

  • She worked for her mom’s import/export company at the early age of 17 years old, she never attended college but she traveled the world as an International trade executive.
  • After her moms business came to an end in the late 90’s, she met a guy who manufactured brushes and she was interested because she needed a job. She started marketing and selling cosmetics brushes.
  • She has been a private label manufacturing company for 25 years now.
  • She works directly with top brands in the beauty industry like M.A.C. Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Sephora, Estee Lauder etc.
  • There will be a huge surprise at Target coming soon. It’s a new launch for Sonia Kashuk, it will be out by December/January stay tuned!

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