Five Things I Learned About The Cast And Season 4 Of ‘Snowfall’

Yesterday afternoon I got a chance to sit in on a virtual press conference with the Co-Creator Dave Andron, Showrunner, Exec Producer, & Writer Walter Mosley and the cast of Snowfall which included panelists, Damson Idris, “Franklin Saint”, Carter Hudson, “Teddy McDonald”, Michael Hyatt, “Cissy”, Amin, Joseph,”Jerome”, Isaiah John, “Leon”, Angela Lewis, “Louie”, and Kevin Carroll, “Alton”. It was a fun afternoon where I got to see their real personalities off-screen. They discussed filming while Black Lives Matters protests were going on, Covid 19, growing up in different environments, working closely with Director John Singleton and so much more! Check out five things I learned inside and Snowfall airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

  • Actor Damson Idris (who plays Franklin Saint) said that when he plays the character Franklin, it never leaves him.
  • Actress Michael Hyatt (plays Cissy) spoke of having John Singleton’s spirit on set. Although he is not around physically, you can still feel his presence, it’s just in a different form.
  • The cast gets along great and you can see the bond they have. They made fun of Actor Isaiah John’s (plays Leon) afro. Everyone started singing a scene from the movie, Coming to America, “Soul Glow” lol. Lots of fans wanted to know if Isaiah’s hair was real or a wig. He wants you all to know that, that’s his real hair.
  • Actress Angela Lewis(plays Aunt Louie) said she saw the Black Lives Matter protests and it was so surreal to see.
  • This season you will see the sweet Franklin that we all grew to love, go through many trials and tribulations. Although he comes off as a El Chapo, he still has a heart of gold.

Business is booming in season four of Snowfall.

It’s January 1, 1985. Ronald Reagan has won his re-election campaign proclaiming it is “morning again in America,” but in South Central, Los Angeles, it feels more like the sun is getting low. The demand for crack cocaine is high and while our crew of dealers led by Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) are benefitting greatly from the rising tide of addiction, they are also starting to become aware of the damage the drug is doing to the people and to the place they love.

With the entire nation taking note, the LAPD is diverting serious money and resources to the “war on drugs.” Politicians’ phones are ringing. Powerful people are concerned from the hallways of the White House to those of CIA headquarters, where there are whispers that one of their own may be involved in this burgeoning epidemic.

This season Franklin will be forced to emerge from his near-grave in order to try and regain control over his business and end the rising gang violence in the streets before it becomes an all-out war.

Created by John Singleton & Eric Amadio and Dave Andron, Snowfall is executive produced by Singleton, Andron, Thomas Schlamme, Amadio, Michael London, Trevor Engelson, Leonard Chang, Walter Mosley and Julie DeJoie.

Airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX

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