Five Things I Learned From My Visit To The Biltmore Estate In Asheville, North Carolina

Over the weekend, I was invited on a two-day road trip from Atlanta, Ga to Asheville, North Carolina with Chevrolet with their brand new Chevy Bolt EV. I could have picked two other cities but Asheville seemed to peek my interest since I had never been there before. It’s located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it was such a pretty ride too. Once we arrived, I quickly learned that Asheville is a very “green city” full of hipsters who love the great outdoors! I also liked the fact that it’s full of diverse people through art, music, food and culture.

I knew I was going to have a great time here and I did! Once I settled in at the hotel, the next morning me and my blogger buddy Jennifer Jones(Fiddle Dee Dee) headed out in “Lola” our electric vehicle(which was so perfect for this city) to The Biltmore Estate. I had heard so many wonderful things about this property and was excited to see it! I learned a lot and I have tons of pretty photos for you to see and I also listed a few “fun facts” that I learned while there. I want to thank Chevrolet for the experience and if you are in the area, you have to stop by, it’s simply breathtaking! More inside…

Lola, loved the view from the Biltmore Estate 

The Biltmore Estate Gift Shop

Can you imagine living here? Wow! 

Some African American workers that help build The Biltmore

The Atrium

Love this chandelier, it was massive! 

Love this ceiling mural

Breakfast Room: Both breakfast and lunch were served in this room. George collected a variety of art and displayed them throughout the estate. His father William Henry Vanderbilt is in the oil painting.

Salon: They had state-of-the-art system and electricity in this room

Tea set up in the Tapestry Room

Clothing from the period

 George W. Vanderbilt’s bedroom & sitting area 

Double sided vanity 

Edith Vanderbilt’s bedroom: Purple and gold silk fabrics and furnishings in the Louis XV style was used in this room.

Edith’s sitting area

Rotisserie Kitchen: Roasted meat such as venison, wild boar, and other meat was prepared here.

Fitness and recreation area

The flower gardens were amazing OMG! 

Five things I learned about the Biltmore Estate

  • George W. Vanderbilt officially opened Biltmore House on Christmas Eve, 1895 after six years of construction.
  • George W. Vanderbilt’s had a huge library. He had a collection of over nearly 23,000 books. Between the age of 12 and his death at 51 he kept journals recording the titles of every book he read… a total of 3,159 books.
  • Mr. Vanderbilt was really into fashion. The early 1900’s version of fashionable wardrobe allowed him to have custom pieces, he would change sometimes four to six times a day. For horseback riding, tea or formal dinner.
  • George and Edith Vanderbilt only had one child, Cornelia and she was born August 1900. George died in 1914 of complications from an appendectomy.
  • The Biltmore remains a family business with the fourth and fifth generations of Mr. Vanderbilt’s descendants involved in all current operations. They staff over 2,000 employees.


The Biltmore Estate

1 Lodge St

Asheville, NC 28803



Images shot by me & Jennifer Jones

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