Five Things I Liked On The Menu At Bubba’s 33 In Buford, Ga

I seen this new restaurant in my area being built about a year ago. I would drive by daily checking out the progression of it. Everyone in my area was anticipating it’s opening and finally I can say, “yay I got to try it!” It’s called, Bubba’s 33 and it’s located in Buford, Ga right down the street from where I live. It’s a family friendly dining spot. I like it because if was giving me retro Mel’s diner vibes but just a bit more upbeat. Great place to kick back after work and grab something quick to eat and maybe catch a game. It’s equipped with a full size bar with tons of flat screen tvs. You will see lots of nostalgic memorabilia hanging inside. It has a cheerful atmosphere to it.

I walked in, got seated, looked around and finally decided on what I wanted to order. My server was super sweet and I got to meet one of the owners Dante. He came over and introduced himself and told me about a few favorites on the menu. He even suggested some things that I had overlooked. They serve the usual things like burgers, fries, pizza and beer but it was the way everything taste that made me impressed.

The food came out fast and hot and I was ready to dive right in lol. I enjoyed EVERYTHING that was brought out to me but one of my favs was the “Shotgun Shrimp”. I loved the sweet & spicy taste and it’s hand-breaded lightly fried and tossed in a spicy cream sauce and then topped with green onions. This was good eating to me and it had a bit of kick to it! You will love this place, it’s something new to try and a great place to go with your family or out on a date night or with friends. The staff was really friendly and you will have a yummy meal, reasonably priced and the vibes are great. More pics inside and a few options I picked out, tell em’ I sent yah if you stopped by! Step inside to see five things I liked on the menu….

33 Deluxe Pizza Pepperoni

Shotgun Shrimp, Teriyaki Wings

Kale Quinoa Strawberry Salad, Classic Cheeseburger

Bubba’s 33

2925 Buford Dr

Buford, Ga 30519

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