Flavor Flav Gifts Sherri Taylor Swift Swag

On today’s episode of SHERRI, talk show host Sherri Shepherd welcomes Flavor Flav who delves into his appreciation of Taylor Swift and they compete in a  pogo stick challenge! See more inside and video clip….


Sherri:  I did not know. You were at the  Taylor  Swift concert. The fans have dubbed you King  Swiftie and then she even gave you a  special cardigan.  What’s going on?  How do you like that?

Flavor Flav: Yeah.  I  mean it’s an honor,  number 1. Like there’s a  lot of people way younger than me, right, that’s wearing Public Enemy t-shirts and stuff.  They be honoring us. So I don’t see anything wrong with me embracing the younger generation. You know what  I’m saying?  I listen to Taylor Swift’s music and got to see where she’s coming from and I started supporting her. Do you got any Swifties in the house?

Sherri: We’ve got some  Swifties.

Flavor Flav: [Pulls  bracelets out.]

Sherri: You giving out  Swiftie bracelets?

Flavor Flav: And, yeah,  I’ve got one for you.

Sherri: Thank you. I’m gonna go see Taylor Swift. I appreciate that.

Flavor Flav: Wait wait wait wait  … hold up.  I got one more thing for you.

Sherri:  What do you have now in your pocket?  What’s this?

Flavor Flav: Oh this is a Taylor Swift guitar pick.

Sherri: I  like this.  And wait you’ve got a Taylor Swift t-shirt too?

Flavor Flav:  That’ right.  She sent me this. I’m King Swiftie.  I’m the King of the Swifties.

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