Flavor Rich Restaurant In Suwanee, Ga

My girlfriend Ramona had been raving about a new spot that opened up about two years ago in my neighborhood called, Flavor Rich Restaurant. It’s a cool little spot snuggled in Suwanee, Ga and the ambiance is fire! Stopped in today and I almost needed a wheelchair to get me outta there because it was really, really good! You have to make sure you check the website because they are only open till 3pm, and you definitely want to stop by early to check out their breakfast menu, I was in complete heaven!

We walked in with no real expectations but when I saw a ton of people inside, I knew we were on to something great. You hear people rave about places all the time but I must say, this is one of my favorite places now! I am one of those people that have to try it for myself to give my own opinion but yes, it was worth my time! The place is extremely clean, the staff sat us right away and what we ordered came out in a matter of minutes and mind you, it was pretty packed!

What’s on the menu you may be thinking. They have truffle steak & eggs, lobster and waffles, banana foster french toast, shrimp & grits, Georgia peach cobbler french toast, fried chicken biscuit, fish & grits and I can go on! I tried waffles with fresh fruit while my friend had shrimp & grits. The food came out in a matter of minutes and the presentation was so pretty! Each entree had fresh flowers, which added a nice memorable touch and you guys know I loveme some flowers!

We also got to meet the owner and head Chef Christopher Fletcher who came over and sat with us. He had no idea I was stopping in and I paid for my meal. He asked how was our food and we told him we loved everything. Fletcher also owns a food truck that he utilized during covid and coincidentally he opened his doors during the pandemic. He said it was very challenging but he came up with innovative ways to still make money by taking to-go orders and delivery. Now his business is flourishing and there was hardly any empty seats in the place! He told me he was the Executive Chef for Ritz Carlton for years. He also attended culinary school and graduated with a college Bachelors Degree as well! Its great to see young people like Chef Christopher live out his dreams!

Now back to the food at hand! Everything was tasty, flavorful, my waffles were soft, buttery and the shrimp & grits was seasoned just right! I can go on but you have to try it for yourself! The portions were enough to share and the bill was not bad at all! My entree was $13 and Ramona’s was $23. They have plenty of sides like grits, bacon, sausage patties, turkey sausage just to name a few. They also carry tea, mimosas, orange and apple juice. You can watch your food be prepared with the Chefs cooking right in front. The seating is very spread out, your not sitting on top of each other which I like and it’s plenty of parking. I loved everything about Flavor Rich Restaurant and do recommend you check it out if your’e in the area or plan on being! I give it a 10/10! Till next time!


Shrimp and Grits 

Blackened cikissak shrimp over creamy grits and andouille sausage sautéed spinach with 2 eggs.

Waffles and fresh fruit, so good!

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