True Confession: I Am, Who I Am


Usually on Sundays I blog about my true feelings be it in blogging, family matters, my personal issues or whatever else but something has been burning inside of me for awhile now and I thought I would share it with you, my faithful readers. I started Talking With Tami sorta like a open diary, so that my family back home could see what me and the family was up to without me having to send letters, emails or photos via snail mail but then for some odd reason, other people started to really enjoy my many adventures, pictures and stories and logged on daily to see what I was up to. I will forever be grateful to all of you that have been there from the beginning.


I was on the phone this morning chatting with a good friend of mine and she said that someone asked her what I was like in real life. Kinda in a shady way, you know hating but wanted to be nosey. They were very curious to know what my personality was like, how I sounded etc. I know bloggers seem unreachable, unattainable and some think we live this really lavish lifestyle but that is so far from the truth, at least with me anyway lol.

I have been out at events and people will see me, stop and stare,  point their finger but will not come over to say hello or introduce themselves but then later post on my social media networks, “oh, hi Tami, I saw you today, you looked great” or something like that but then go on to say, they didnt want to bother me. That always baffles me because guys I’m not a celebrity, never wanted to be one, I am just like you! I’m not stuck up, bitchy or snobbish at all and I really think that there is this misconception of me going around like I will bite your head off if you approach me out in public lol. I think my pictures are doing this too, no clue.

I think its the red carpet affairs, the celebrity friends etc that make it seem pretty intimidating but really guys, I’m cool as hell and very friendly! I do have my days like everyone else but for the most part, I will take selfies with you, chat about whatever, if time permits when you see me out. Don’t ever think that what you may have heard about me is true unless you have experienced it first hand.

I told my friend today that someone was trying to hate on me not too long ago, (thats another blog post) but she got shut down real quick because what she was trying to do backfired terribly lol. The person was very disgruntle and has animosity towards me because for YEARS she has tried to get me to interview her, put herself on my blog with no luck and has asked me several times to attend her events. I just feel sometimes things just do not fit my blog or I am just not interested but it’s never personal, its just the business. You may be a big deal in your brain but maybe I don’t lol. The thing is, there is SO many other bloggers, Im not understanding what the fascination is with my particular site. She has become overly obsessed with me and has been bad mouthing me around town ever since. So sometimes when people tell you things about a person you may not know too well, take a step back and evaluate the situation. Really listen to what they are saying or what their intentions are, you just never know! One girl told this person, I don’t like her, the girl replied but why? What did she do to you?  She responded that she had NO valid reason but stated, “I don’t know, I just don’t like her”. Let me break it on down for yah!

The girl that said she doesn’t like me is MISERABLE in her life with a cheating husband and all those damn babies at home. She tried to be a blogger but never could get the readership or popularity that I have. She wanted to be me and failed flat on her behind! Then she had the nerve to tell this young lady, I don’t like her. Do you guys see how that works! When someone tries to emulate you but they can’t, they get frustrated because they see all you do and it bugs the crap outta them! They already hate themselves, so they take it out on you, Bloop! Never do this people, its ugly but it’s unfortunately something that happens in life daily.

For my young people out there. Don’t get caught up in this foolishness! Before you judge someone or go by rumors you may have heard, get to know that person first before you pass judgment on them. They may turn out to be a really good friend etc but because you listened to what some hater said, it could be a missed opportunity for you in the long run, get it? That’s all I am saying. Perhaps I didnt have a good vibe with that particular person, it happens all the time but me and you could be cool as hell! You see my point? Everything ain’t for everybody lol! I always try to meet someone for myself first before I decide if that person is someone I want to be around. Give everyone a fair chance.

I am pretty much an open book and I have shared so much with you guys over the years, you know about me, my kids Pootie(Terrell) & Dootie(Tyra) and my hard working husband Mr.Reed that I have been married to for over 16 years. I came from a single parent household, I don’t know my father, I overcame a lot of adversity, I was homeless for awhile and I struggled a bit. First to graduate from high school & college in my immediate family and so much more. Hey, I can only be me and I am who I am.

I am such a comedian in real life, like to have fun, I have potty mouth, dance and like to have a good time when out, just dont have me out too late, then Pink Suga wakes up ask Lisa Wu lol. I’m really fun to be around. Sometimes in my brain when I’m blogging, I’m writing from a funny place but it can be so misconstrued too. Stop feeding into what I say too hard and taking what I say so serious, lighten up geesh lol. Have a blessed day, just thought I would rant a bit…till next time! xoxo


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  1. Tami….I have never gotten any of the above mentioned from you. You have always been very personable to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. Keep doing and being you.

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