Four Things You Should Know Before You Get A Tattoo


4 things you should know before you get a tattoo

Around 20 years ago, tattoos weren’t overly popular. It seemed that only a few select people had them, or they were attributed to particular lifestyles or even specific vocations like the military. And tattoos in the workplace were just a big no-no. Fast forward to the present day and it seems that everyone who’s anyone is exploring and experimenting with body art, and it’s not uncommon to see Drs, teachers and all manner of professional people as well as people of all genders, body types and lifestyles enjoying this particular art form. 

And why not? It’s a wonderfully pure way to express yourself, whether you’re into the famous quotes of long gone Hollywood icons, you want to remember a particular date or name, or you prefer something more traditional – there’s very little a talented tattoo artist can’t create for you.

However, any tattoo artist will tell you that rushing in to get yourself inked is a bad idea. It’s something that you should think long and hard about, after all – it’s a huge commitment. So, what else should you know before you get a tattoo? Read below to find out.

It isn’t cheap

Gold bars and investment pieces at the ready – tattooing is not cheap. For more information about future investments and how you can buy gold online, click the link. The price of your tattoo will mostly be based on its size, the level of detail, the colours used and how long you’re going to be sitting in the chair. Not forgetting any artist with an impressive portfolio and a well established name will probably cost more as well. 

Never EVER ask for a discount or try to haggle with the price of your tattoo. It’s simple not done and disrespectful to the artist.  And remember, you get what you pay for. 


Believe it or not, that tattoo is going to hurt. Anyone that says otherwise is either lying to you, or a tattoo the size of a thumbnail. The size of the tattoo and the location are also a big factor. 

The design

Spotting a design you like and rushing into your nearest tattoo parlour is a big no-no. And instant regret will follow. Do plenty of research, and don’t be afraid to speak to your chosen tattoo artist. In fact, it’s encouraged. They can help create a design based on your ideas that will be really unique and special to you. 


As mentioned above, different areas of the body will produce different areas of pain. Again, discuss this with your artist. The size of the tattoo is also a factor here. A beautiful mountain scene will probably look better on your upper back, whilst something small and heartfelt might be better placed on your wrist. It’s also worth considering if you want to keep your tattoos private, or whether or not having them in certain visible places might affect your chances of landing a job in a certain career. It’s great to live in the moment but think ahead to avoid regret. 

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