It’s July, Let’s Go Out With A Bang This Month & Ten Things

Can you believe it will be 2020 in 6 months? Where did time go, omg! There is a meme circulating around on the internet too that says, “2020 is in 6 months, don’t let anybody waste your time“. I love the saying and totally agree! I hope you had a relaxing and long July the Fourth weekend. While reflecting this past weekend, I made a new motivational list that includes things that I would like to accomplish this year but it’s been tough with the economy taking a few twists but I’m still optimistic! I owned a home back in my hometown and planning on doing it again real soon. Home ownership again is one of my top goals.

I also want to travel abroad and ofcourse spend even more time with my grand baby Legend. Inside, I have a few cool things I saw online with links and I encourage all of you to get out and do some outdoor activities. I’m going to walk more and start hitting the treadmill to tone up my legs and stomach more. I’m also thinking about entering a bikini competition…ha! I think I want to try to rock climb, sounds interesting. Have a great week guys! xoxo

Love these camouflage control waist leggings that I’m wearing and they are super soft by Leading Lady

Looking for a new brunch spot, try Garden Parc ATL

These baby flip flops from Baby Gap are so precious, Legend has these!

I’m really liking the OPI Neon collection great for Summertime!

Yummy and healthy summer fruit salad. My blogger buddy Jen has a great recipe on her site!

If you’re into rock climbing here is a good one in Atlanta called, Wall Crawler Climbing

Going on vacation soon? This sexy maxi dress by Chic Couture Online is too cute!

Grab the new issue of Vogue with singer Ariana Grande! Check out her interview here

Cantu hair care products are great for natural or curly hair

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