Fun Times On ‘The Lick Morning Radio Show’

What’s going on guys? I hope you are staying safe and especially after seeing that train wreck in Washington D.C. at the State Capitol last night! What in the hell is really going on? I was sitting in my bedroom watching in disbelief and we all know that if those people would have been black or brown, they would have been crucified on the steps of the U.S. Capitol…smh!

Early this morning I was invited down to radio station Hits 92.3 by radio personality/owner Kelz. We met at a media event a few weeks back and she thought I would make a good guest on her show. I got to meet Kelz morning team full of spunky radio personalities and it was super fun! The name of the popular radio show is, The L.I.C.K. Morning Show and they cover topics such as what went on yesterday, current events, pop culture, relationships and they also play trivia games and so much more! I had a great time and actually stayed longer that I expected because it was so lit up in there!

They asked my opinion on what went on yesterday, then I talked about my humble beginnings when I started my very own talk show and then popular blog I dropped a few gems on them and hopefully I inspired someone out there who was listening. It was a great show and some of my followers were tuned in as well, retweeting and sending me dm’s on what I was talking about. I want to thank show producer Judy, radio personalities: Queen, Pretty Boyy Suave, Treymaine and AJ for such a lovely time! It was so nice to meet you all and if you ever need anything, I’m just a phone call away! Love You guys, stay safe.

Pretty Boy Suave

Queen, Treymaine, AJ and Show Runner Judy



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