Funny Story: 48 Hours With A Shih Tzu Named, Pop Tart

shi Tzu

Meet Pop Tart, yes that’s her name! Pop Tart is my daughter’s boyfriend dog that just so happened to stay with us for two days while he was out of town for family business. I have met Pop Tart a few times while dropping my daughter off to visit. Why dogs like me, I have no clue because I personally have NEVER had any desire to own a dog. My husband has had all sorts of dogs and he likes the really scary ones that look intimidating, like rottweilers and carrying on. When we were dating, I told him if we get married, I do not want a dog so sorry because I’m not going to be the one taking care of it and your behind is not here to see about them! 

So back to Pop Tart. My daughter came home with her over the weekend and said she would be staying with us for a few days. I thought it was all cute at first until Monday morning came around and she headed out the door for school. I yelled at her before she made her way to the bus stop and said, “so who is going to take care of this dog while your at school?” She hadn’t thought about that part and just “assumed” I would walk and feed her and make sure she was ok. Mind you, this is a lap dog or what I would like to call, spoiled ass dog that likes to be held all the time!

She looked dumb in the face and said, “oh, I didn’t think about that mom but I gotta catch my bus!” Well dayum! So I headed back in the house and Pop Tart looks at me and I look at her! It was a long silence. There was a bowl, a bag of food, treats and a dress sitting on the table. We both stared at each other for a few minutes. I then went into mommy mode and remembered how I cared for my two kids when they were babies. Pop Tart is a very tiny “toy dog” so she is very fragile… lawd somebody help me!

I first took her outside to make sure she went to the bathroom then remembered I needed a bag just in case she had to poop. I always get annoyed when I see my neighbors walk their dogs and they don’t pick up after them, irks my a**. So I grabbed a bag and headed back outdoors and we got to walking. She sniffed around a lot as I stood there with my arms folded trying to have some patience, while she did her thing. She peed a few times but no poop, good!

Then my neighbor comes out with her two dogs yapping and barking at Pop Tart and it scared her half to death! I was about to go into Mama Bear mode but she seemed to be ok. She don’t venture out much you can tell and she’s pretty bougie and pampered. We were going to get along just fine lol. She was looking at them like you bitches are so ghetto, as she blank-starred them, I was cracking up! She never said a word.

So after that we headed back inside then I remembered I had to run some errands but didnt want to leave her at home in the cage. I felt bad, so I packed her up to go with me. This reminded me of caring for my kids with the diaper bags, car seats etc oh my gosh, this was already a chore! She hopped in the car and headed to the backseat, probably like she was trained and we were off to Target. I carried her the whole time since she is so tiny and people stopped to pet her, she loved the attention. I found a bow and added that to her dress she was wearing, she was styling yep!

After shopping, we headed home where I walked her again, still no poop and we headed inside. She smelled a bit to me, so I decided to give her a bath and afterwards she looked like a wet rat! It startled me at first but then she shook herself off and wet up my whole damn bathroom, it was hilarious! Pop Tart is a very quiet dog, she never barked one time while she stayed with us, watched the news with me for two days, ate, played with us, laid under me while I blogged and was the best company. I fell in love with her but again, I couldn’t own a dog they are too much work. While others like to say they don’t want kids because that is a lot of work which it is but its totally different lol. I enjoyed our 48hrs together, and she is welcome anytime at my home because she was peaceful, fun and QUIET thank goodness, till next time! xoxo


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