Chrisette Michele Gets In Heated Discussion On R&B Divas L.A. Reunion Show

Chrisette Michele Tea Party

I don’t get Tv One out here in the sticks, so I have never seen any episodes of R&B Divas L.A. but on YouTube they showed a clip of friend to the site Chrisette Michele battling it out with Stacy Francis. I had to do a google search to actually find out who she was because I had never heard of her. I am not much of a music person we all know that but I do at least know most of the cast on R&B Divas L.A. but Stacy not so much lol. Wendy Williams was hosting the reunion show and thats when Chrisette and Stacy got into an altercation. 

Chrisette Michele Tea Party

I’ve been asked a few times in the past and just recently to do reality tv and I just feel its not for me. It would really have to be something fun or if I’m a guest judge of some sorts but to just be sitting around a bunch of cackling hens being catty and arguing all the damn time, hell nawl! Its so draining, omg! I see why NeNe Leakes is always so agitated lol. From watching this two minute clip, hell it put me in a bad mood too and I just can’t see doing anything like that or how they would sign up for it either. I guess for most of these ladies though, to stay relevant after seeing their singing careers dwindling away, you have to do something. I’m not sure but this would not be the direction I would want to take and show my twin Pink Suga for the world to see…ha! I’ve been around Chrisette a few times and she is usually so soft spoken, quiet and has a great spirit, it was shocking for me to see her get folks together on tv lol. I hear she allegedly left the show half way through for personal reasons, good for her. Check out this clip below! xoxo

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