Funny Story: Sorry Dootie, You’re Not Getting The Job!


Yes you read the title correctly, this post is making me chuckle right now and I wanted to share with you why! My daughter Dootie is a natural born hustler! She got it from me and my mom and she loves to have her own money! I taught Dootie early on how to be independent and that its best to have your own and whatever you acquire, you will feel good about yourself because YOU earned it! With that being said my child is in her Senior year in high school with an A/B average and she does hair part time for friends and is always looking for another part time job. Her last job was a seasonal one but she has since been on the hunt for a new one which brings me to why I was laughing so hard at her last week and decided to make a blog post today! 

Dootie texted me last week and got really excited and said “Mom, I got an interview at Panera Bread, I’m so happy, can you take me to my interview?” I responded, “yay Dootie why ofcourse, congrats!” So we go off to the interview and I wait in the car while she goes in to chat with the manager. She comes out with a huge smile on her face and says, “they want me to come back for a second interview next week!” So this past week she thought it was a good idea to really “glam” herself up for her 2nd interview and that’s when I looked at her really crazy and said, “why are you doing your hair like that and wearing all that makeup? I understand you are in beauty school but you need to tone it down for a job interview!” She responded, “well I want to look nice and this is how I want to look”. I said, “ok Dootie but you are making a huge mistake, this is Panera Bread not Sephora or some beauty industry job! You have to look like you NEED a job” lol. Sure enough after the 2nd interview with a different manager, there was NO CALL BACK and I asked her what did the manager ask her and she said she asked her what did she want to do with herself when she graduates from high school, Dootie responded, “I want to do hair & makeup”. The manager said, “oh wow, you don’t say”.  See! Why dont teens listen to their parents? They swear they know every damn thing when we are here to guide them and plus we already been through a lot of trials and tribulations but I hope she learns from what I told her or else she will have to bump her head the hard way! This is a pic and video of how she looked at her 2nd job interview, lawd help my baby! LOL! Till next time! xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Funny Story: Sorry Dootie, You’re Not Getting The Job!

  1. I have a jr in high school and everywhere we go she has to glam up as well. Even though we want them to listen because we have made all the mistakes and learned from them, they have to learn from theirs as well. It is hard as a parent becuase we want to do everything for them and protect them from the dissapointments in life but they do have to learn.. (growing pains). On another note, did the manager really think she would want to stay there after graduation? Duh. 🙂 Dootie is very pretty.

  2. I think the manager was jealous and wrong. She should have been given the job. If the manager was smart she would know cute girls that care about their appearance sell more bread. Not giving a high school kid the benefit of the doubt is shameful. Either way if she kept coming to work cute she would have been fired for something “made up”. She should apply to MAC, Boots cosmetics, or Ulta.

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