Geniee Wraparound Strap Sandal

Good day to you and I hope you are having a fabulous day! I got in some much needed summer sandals. I hope that I get to wear them soon since we are all still stuck in the house. But you know what, I still like to get up and get dressed lol. It just makes me feel better even if I am not really going anywhere special. I miss the days of heading to events, being around people and more! I just pray we can get back to where we were. I know change was much needed and the old way was not working but there has got to be something better coming. I try to stay positive and I’m just grateful to just wake up and see another day! Praying for the best to come but until then you can find out where I got these fancy wrap around sandals from inside, stay safe!

Shoedazzle sandals: Geniee Wraparound Strap Sandals

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