Get The Look: CoverGirl Full Spectrum Collection W/Braces


It’s been awhile since I did a full beauty/makeup post. With me having a mouth injury a few weeks back, I must say that I was down in the dumps. Not knowing how I would recover, move forward with the accident and what in the world was I going to look like wearing makeup with braces lol. Then today, I woke up with a huge box at my door from CoverGirl and it lifted my spirits! In most of my recent pictures, you just see me wearing clear lip gloss or cocoa butter. I was trying to let my mouth heal and I didn’t want to draw any added attention to it, so I kept my makeup to a minimum. I had a lot of scares and scratches around my face area that has healed tremendously thank God!

So when I got the new Full Spectrum Collection from CoverGirl I was very excited and wanted to try one of their new red lip glosses out of the line to see how I would look. I am slowly getting used to my braces but I never thought to wear any shade of lipstick because I just thought I would look crazy! I tried the “Nuance” gloss and fell in love with it! I then went on YouTube and found a video where a beauty vlogger showed how she applys makeup to women who wears braces, pretty neat! It’s so funny how you take things for granted but I NEVER thought in a million years I would knock my front teeth out! More pics and where to find the new collection inside. Enjoy your day everyone! 

Color Idol Satin Lipstick

High coverage lipstick that delivers a high color stain finish – for a bold, beautiful feel and a vibrant, stain touch to perfect the pout of a luxe evening look! $6.92- $9.49

Gloss Idol Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Luscious, high-shine lips, perfect for any occasion, giving you perfect addition to your luxe look, with a soft, moisturizing finish and feel. Available in 14 shades. $6.92- $9.49 

Matte Idol Liquid Lipstick

High-impact lip color, providing 24-hour rich color coverage, with a lightweight feel and vegan friendly formula. Available in 12 shades. $6.92- $9.49

I’m wearing “Nuance” Lip gloss

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