Get The Look: FHI Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Curler


I will be the first to say that I can NOT do my own hair! I have tried multiple times but I just can not achieve the look that I’m looking for and that’s when I call in the professionals lol! So I call my daughter Tyra who is a professional hairstylist to do my hair because I just can not!

I got sent this new platform bounce curling iron from FHI Heat and it was just in time because my old curling iron had just burnt out! I was too excited and my daughter and I had a sleepover the other night and that’s when I asked to try out the new iron on my hair. Its a tourmaline ceramic pro curler and I love it! Plus it gets super duper hot and makes your hair feel shiny and bouncy! My curls lasted so long and I was able to run errands all day without it falling! If you’re in need of a new curling iron, you have to check out their products, they have lots of different sizes to choose from and so much more! More pics inside and where to find.

FHI Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Curler 1 1/4″

The Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional 1 1/4″ Curler is designed to create long lasting curls and volume in all hair lengths and styles. With 4 versatile sizes and reliable quality and performance, this is your go-to curling iron stylists choose for day-to-day use behind the chair.

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