Get The Look: Makeup Forever ‘Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation’

get the look

Hello my fellow glam girls! While getting ready for the Trumpet Awards red carpet last weekend, my stylist Jon wanted to try a different look on me for the event. We first discussed some different looks, what I wanted to wear then I headed his way. Oh, you didn’t know that Jon was more than a stylist? Why yes, he does my makeup & hair too and he’s really good at it! Come inside and see how he achieved my look for my red carpet event and what he used… 

get the look

We first discussed my total look. We go back and forth on how I feel and what I want to wear for the event, then we pick out different colors, hairstyles and more. Then Jon gets to work on my face. I received a new foundation to try from Makeup Forever called, Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation and Jon REALLY liked it! It’s very light weight, gave great coverage and matched my skin tone perfectly! I was a bit hesitant because I can be hard to match sometimes but in this case, it came out good! In the summer I’m a bit darker but in the winter, I can get really light! I normally go between a few foundation brands all depending on the season. Some have more red pigment in them than others.

Get the Look

get the look

Makeup Forever Ultra HD, I’m wearing #177 Cognac

Get The Look

One eyelash drying one more to go, wearing “Esqido false eyelashes” in  “Amp it up”.

get the look

So here is the complete look as I head out the door for my red carpet event. Jon created a smokey eye, with nude lip, pulled back hair. I think this is one of my most favorite looks he created.

My Style

Ready to hit the red carpet, thanks Jonathan!

I like to dance while Jon sings along while I get ready lol. Too funny!

Images via Genae Banks Photography/Me/Jon The Stylist


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