Jon The Stylist Custom Ugg Fur Boots

Fur boots

Hey guys, I was over at Jon’s place(my stylist) when we were talking about a lot of custom clothing that he makes. Jon is the most creative person I have ever met. While chatting with him, he was actually sewing up a military jacket that he was making for an event! I can’t sew a lick and never had an interest in learning. Thats when he asked me if I owned a pair of old Ugg boots. I said, yes I have plenty of them and my daughter owns about 15 pairs, she’s pretty obsessed with them but they are comfy lol. Thats when he asked me if I owned an old fur coat that I don’t wear anymore.

I told him I had quite a few of them in my closet. He stated that he could make me a custom pair of fur Ugg boots, if I bring them to him, say what? Here I am rocking a pair that he made, I love them! I said I wouldn’t buy anymore fur pieces but I am recycling some fur items that I have in my closet. What a great idea and they are cute, stylish and warm! Check out more pictures inside…

fur boots

If you don’t own a fur coat, you can always purchase one at your local Goodwill or consignment store then reach out to Jon The Stylist to make you a custom pair of Ugg boots like these. You can also use faux fur, just the same but I don’t know how well they will hold up. xoxo

Fur boots

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  1. Your posts over the past few weeks have made it clear that I need a stylist in my life. I am not sure when it will happen, but I like the looks he’s created for you.

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