Get The Look: Protecting Natural Hair During Fall/Winter Season

It’s Fall time and that means colder weather is to come! Nothing gets dryer than you natural hair, so I asked my daughter Tyra/Tyra In The City (who’s a licensed professional cosmetologist for a few hair care tips on keeping my natural hair healthy and in tip top shape during the Fall/Winter season.

My hair tends to snap off very easily and shed when it gets cold out. My hair becomes very dry and brittle. Thank goodness I live in the south but it still gets a bit chilly here. The colder weather also gives me dry, flaky and itchy scalp, which is not fun. I also notice that my hair looks dry and dull smh! Inside are some tips on keeping your hair healthy and pretty, check them out…

Tyra’s Haircare Tips:

  • Keep your hair moisturized! Make sure to find a shampoo that has moisturizer in it.
  • At least twice a month, deep conditioner your hair.
  • Get ends trimmed monthly.
  • If you can, buy a humidifier, it keeps hair hydrated.
  • Stay away from too much excessive heat on your hair. Hair dryers, curling/flat irons,
  • Find an alternative look. Wear a protective style, to reduce breakage
  • Do not over wash your hair.
  • Find a styling product that does not contain alcohol, it’s very drying.
  • Wear a silk bonnet or silk scarf and add a silk pillowcase when you sleep. This will reduce breakage to your hair as well.

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