Tips On Dealing With A Toddler That’s A Picky Eater

I’m learning so much about my two-year-old toddler grandson Legend! For awhile there he would eat anything but then all of a sudden, he changed and became extremely picky with his food. My daughter and I was at our wits-end trying to figure out what happened. It’s becoming impossible with baby Legend because it seems like he just wants to eat only sweet sugary foods, don’t know how that happened though.

His dad’s side of the family is pretty strict and he eats extremely healthy meals over there. I know I try to give him fruits, vegetables with protein like chicken and fish. Lots of vegan choices with whole grains, and I give him plenty of water. He doesn’t mind drinking water which is a good thing. I don’t know how parents deal with picky eaters but we are trying different techniques to get Legend to eat more. I do have some useful tips that we use to help him eat and I hope they can help you as well.

Tips For Picky Eaters:

  • I try to take Legend to a new restaurant with a fun atmosphere, he is usually so mesmerized with the place that he does take a few bites of his meal. We ventured off to Uncle Jack’s Meathouse at Peachtree Corners and although it’s not the ideal place for a toddler, he enjoyed dining outside and seeing all the people.
  • I often times give him gummy vitamins that he thinks is candy, that way he is not missing important nutrients for his body.
  • I try to buy character food that he loves, especially Paw Patrol, one of his favorites!
  • I always bring his favorite toy animals with us and he plays with them while he eats. Its a great distraction lol.
  • I let Legend pick anything off the kids menu, he points and says waffles, sausage, chicken fingers or whatever else he sees that catches his eye, that way he thinks he is being a big boy lol!

He enjoyed his orange juice in a big boy cup

These chicken fingers and fries did the trick! He liked dipping his fries in the ketchup lol!

He loved the buttery biscuit and so did I, yum!

This caesar salad taco for me was amazing, yum!


Uncle Jack’s Peachtree Corners

5222 Peachtree Pkwy Ste 920

Peachtree Corners, Ga 30092


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