Get The Look: Quick, Simple And Chic Bun

I’m still recovering from the Golden Globe Awards that were held last night in Hollywood! This evening I have a red carpet event myself for my dear friend Egypt Sherrod and her lovely husband Michael. They have a new tv show on HGTV called, Married To Real E$tate and I was instructed that this is a red carpet affair, so to dress accordingly! Funny thing is, my daughter is out of the country in Greece.

I’m funny about people in my hair but I didn’t know what to do with it, yikes! I called my bestie Heather who is also a hairstylist back home in Cleveland and we Facetimed. I gave her some hairstyle options that I liked but nothing was working out. She sent me a few Pinterest/TikTok hair tutorials but I told her I couldn’t achieve those looks by myself. 

Then later today, I was talking to my next door neighbor and that’s when she stopped over. We attempted to try some hairstyles but we were failing miserably lol! I’m terrible with doing my hair and I usually opt out for a sleek ponytail when my daughter is not available. That’s when she said, okay I will have to send in reinforcement and that’s when she called her sissy!

She said her sister Bilgah was a master licensed makeup & hairstylist and she only lived 15 minutes away! I looked in total shock because all the years I’ve known her, I never knew her sister was a beauty girl! I’ve met her a few times but never got to really ask her what she did for a living lol! God was on my side today and I drove over to her house for a quick little hairdo because it’s pretty yucky outside. I didn’t want to wear my hair down because it’s rainy out. I have natural hair, so I knew it would frizz right up! Bilgah gave me a sleek pulled back bun and I love the look!

It took her all of 10 minutes to do my hair and all that was required was a elastic hair tie, bobby pins and a little hairspray, that’s pretty much it! If you’re really good at doing your own hair, this is a great look for something quick if you’re headed out on a date, out with friends, work look or wedding. She specializes in bridal hair but she can do other styles as well. My look was simple, chic and cute enough for a red carpet event. Thanks so much Bilgah for saving the day, I LOVE it! She has a concierge service and you can reach her at xoxo

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