Steve Harvey Disses Sherri’s Family Feud Skills

Today on “SHERRI,” TV personality and host Steve Harvey recalled the time when Sherri shocked him into silence with a surprising answer on “Family Feud.” He showed the clip and revealed why she’s in the top 3worst celebrity guests of all time. Watch the hilarious clip below!

Sherri: I watched you so much on Family Feud, and when you invited me to come on with my family …. [Steve Harvey interrupts Sherri]

Steve Harvey: You know, you can stop right here. WHY I invited you … I do not know. I got a little surprise for you. I brought a clip of you on Family Feud. I brought the clip. You’re the worst. You’re in the top 3 worst celebrities. 

[Family Feud clip plays where Sherri was asked to name something a female cop does in the bedroom. She responded by saying, “cut his penis off.”]

Steve Harvey: You’re the worst. What did that have to do with the question? Police don’t even have knives. 

Sherri: It just came out, I was so nervous … 

Steve Harvey: No. No that’s not it. I know your history. I’ve been with you through your marriage and everything. That was personal.

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